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Riga Black Balsam®

Riga Black Balsam® ELEMENT

The original Riga Black Balsam® recipe was crafted by the Riga pharmacist Kunze in the 18th century, combining various natural ingredients. Three centuries later, Latvijas Balzams’ master craftsmen have rejuvenated the original recipe and created a new Riga Black Balsam® experience – ELEMENT. Traditional values remain, elements of life change.

Riga Black Balsam® ELEMENT keeps all core brand’s values – uniqueness, quality and nature and affirms that 260 years old brand can be contemporary and fresh.  ELEMENT is created for dynamic, cosmopolitan and active 21st century consumers.

The Riga Black Balsam® ELEMENT recipe is a special composition of magnificent flavours, based on original 24 all-natural ingredient recipe with the addition of high-quality rum. ELEMENT’s mysterious composition is a successful union of ancient traditions and modern consumer’s preferences.  Riga Black Balsam® ELEMENT is a perfect drink for a modern consumer.

Savour Riga Black Balsam® ELEMENT neat or in cocktails. Enjoy the unique blend of history, craftsmanship and nature.

Website http://www.rigablack.com/
  • 0.7 L
  • 0.5 L
  • 0.2 L
Alcohol content 40%