We are continuously working on solutions to implement a responsible approach to environmental issues.

What are our priorities?

  • We try to choose environmentally friendly technologies and packaging commensurate with the characteristics of manufacturing processes;
  • We approach the use of water and energy resources with consideration and care;
  • We set high standards for ourselves and our business partners.

What we do?

  • Amber Latvijas balzams observes the legal requirements relating to the environment and tries to reduce the impact of the Company’s activity on the environment in a focused manner;
  • The Company utilises energy and water resources in a responsible manner. Water from the borehole located within the Company’s territory is used for the manufacturing of our products;
  • Amber Latvijas balzams implements responsible waste management by regularly transferring waste-paper, scrap metal and hazardous waste;
  • We carry out activities aimed at our employees to remind them about  considerate use of electricity and other resources;
  • We make maximum use of technical resources in the most efficient manner.