Work Safety

Working environment and safety

JSC Amber Latvijas balzams is a stable company with a dynamic working environment and growth opportunities.

The average number of employees in 2013 was 580. 97% of the employees are employed based on permanent employment agreements. Some employees are employed for a defined term for the term of absence of other employees, for short-term, single works or due to short-term output growth. There are 38 persons with special needs employed in the Company, 10 women are using the pregnancy and child care leave with their jobs and social guarantees safeguarded. Out of all employees of the Company 47% are female and 53% are male.

What we do?

  • The Company has entered into a collective labour agreement with its employees relating to 100% of the employees. AS Amber Latvijas balzams awards gifts and benefits to its employees at various occasions of life – childbirth, marriage, work anniversary, retirement, parents of first grade pupils, large families, improvement of health, funerals of relatives, in cases of material loss;
  • Additional holidays are awarded also to the employees who are subject to working environment risks, participants in liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, parents of first grade pupils on the first day of school, for studies, marriage and funerals of relatives;
  • The employees of the Company are provided with health insurance, mandatory health inspections and insurance in case of occaption accidents. Sports activities and use of the swimming pool are offered also by partly covering the costs and quality catering with notable discounts and drinking water are also offered to the employees;
  • There are funds allocated for social issues of former employees every year. We arrange concerts and meetings during the Christmas season as well as provide material assistance to retired employees with long work experience who have invested invaluable effort in the development of AS Amber Latvijas balzams;
  • We are oriented to professional and individual development of our employees. The Company is organizing various systematic trainings, visits to fairs and workshops based on the goals of the Company and individual development plans of the employees. Both internal and external training is offered;
  • We also support professional studies of our employees in higher educational institutions by partly contributing to the study fee;
  • Amber Latvijas balzams is cooperating with several educational institutions which educate the next specialists of the industry by offering practice opportunities and introducing to the specifics of our operation. In case of a vacancy, the Company will announce an internal tender first by offering the growth opportunities to the existing employees.

JSC  Amber Latvijas balzams complies with all binding laws and regulations as well as all other requirements set forth within the self-control system to ensure a maximally safe working environment.

What we do?

  • Regular workplace risk assessment is successfully performed in the Company, as a result of which dangerous workplaces are identified and the ones subject to special risk are acknowledged; it is also defined what individual means of protection and mandatory heath checks are required for every single employee.
  • Every employee of AS Amber Latvijas balzams is involved in the work safety protection system and has the possibility to provide information on how the working conditions may be improved.
  • The Company has developed good cooperation with educational institutions. Education of employees and facilitating personal responsibility ensures a working environment that possibly minimizes the chance of accidents and causes of disease.