Sponsorship & Support

Sponsorship and Support-Policy

In order for the investments to be targeted and strategic, Amber Latvijas balzams has drawn up the PUBLIC INVESTMENT POLICY.


Social campaigns/programmes that are aimed at public education concerning responsible use of alcohol and to promote creation of responsible alcohol culture in the country; Initiatives that reduce the share of non – commercial alcohol in the spirits sector; Promote professional growth by supporting study programmes that are aimed at training specialists in the food sector, as well as logistics and manufacturing sectors.


  • open process;
  • measurable results;
  • involvement of the affected parties;
  • voluntary work.

Types of support:

  • Campaigns and programmes of educational and social character that correspond to the aforementioned Policy goals;
  • Human resources – involvement and participation of LB employees in the training of the new specialists upholding existing traditions;
  • Our knowledge – workshops, lectures and presentations that can be provided by our experts;
  • Grants for students – support in the training of specialists needed for food sector and manufacturing.


  • Events and organisations whose principal activities does not correspond to the mission statement, vision and Goal of public Investment Policy of the Company
  • Religious and political events and organisations;
  • Annual events of particular public organisations;
  • Events whose main target audience are children and youths that have not yet reached the age required for the legal purchase of alcohol.

Our priority list does not include:

  • Supporting sports activities.
  • Supporting the fields of culture and sports on an individual or family level.
  • Supporting tourism and leisure activities.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Compliance of the aims of the project with the goals of Amber Latvijas balzams Public Investment Programme.
  • Compliance of the aims of the project with the defined types of support.

Assessment of applications:

Assessment of applications and allocation of Amber Latvijas balzams support takes place once every quarter. Applicants should submit the completed form at A.Čaka 160, LV-1012, Riga or send to the following e-mail: office.LB@amberbev.com. The received applications shall be examined 4 times a year and approving the projects that shall receive aid.

The assessment of projects takes place:

  • On the last week of January;
  • On the last week of April;
  • On the last week of July;
  • On the last week of October.

All the received applications that correspond to the aims and the criteria of the Investment Policy and have been submitted in accordance with these guidelines shall be examined every quarter by an expert work group and shall be approved by Amber Latvijas balzams Board.
In case of refusal, the applicants shall be informed by sending a response to the e-mail address of the contact person indicated in the application; whereas in case of a positive reply, the applicant shall be sent an e-mail and information shall be placed on Amber Latvijas balzams website – www.lb.lv.

Monitoring and control of investment efficiency:

Information concerning the results of the assessment of received applications shall be published on Amber Latvijas balzams website once a year indicating the projects that have received funding, as well as the allocated funds.

The recipient of aid shall submit a report to Amber Latvijas balzams once a year or after the implementation of the project reflecting the use of funding, the achieved results, as well as the media coverage of the project (if applicable). The report shall be sent to AS Amber Latvijas Balzams (A.Čaka 160, LV-1012, Rīga, Latvia or to e-mail office.LB@amberbev.com).

In case of questions, the applicants are welcome to contact LB secretariat via e-mail: office.LB@amberbev.com or via phone: +371 67081213.