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Riga Black Balsam®

Riga Black Balsam® Currant

Riga Black Balsam® Currant – Riga’s pharmacist Kunze created the basic recipe for this drink in 18th century. Today its magic composition is supplemented with natural black currant juice. The blend of two traditional Latvian flavours – Riga Black Balsam® and black currants – along with a ginger aroma forms the unique bouquet of this drink. Enjoy Riga Black Balsam® Currant pure or in refreshing cocktails.

Website http://www.rigablack.com
  • 1.0 L
  • 0.75 L
  • 0.7 L
  • 0.5 L
  • 0.35 L
  • 0.2 L
  • 0.04 L
Alcohol content 30%