Quality, safety and environment

The basic principles of the quality, safety and environmental policy of AS Amber Latvijas balzams are:

  • Constant improvement of operational results of the Company in the fields of quality, working conditions and environment.
  • Operation according to interests of shareholders, employees, state and society.
  • Compliance with the binding legal regulations.


AS Amber Latvijas balzams ensures a constantly high quality of products that corresponds to the expectations of the customers and the applicable legal requirements. This is confirmed by a management system certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 international standard which covers all stages of production, starting from development of the alcoholic beverage up to its sale.

Quality for us means:

  • Efficient management system certified according to the ISO 9001:2015;
  • Satidfied client – regular satisfactory measurements;
  • Safe and quality product – quality standarts based on Latvian and EU legislation and HACCP principles of selfcontrole;
  • Professional and satisfied employee: trainings, evaluations, satisfactory measurements;
  • Social responsibility towards the employees and environment.

Consumer safety

AS Amber Latvijas balzams has developed, introduced and maintains the food self-control system based on HACCP principles, and this is integrated with the management system. The HACCP is a food self-control system aimed at ensuring food safety and prevention of food-related problems. This system is based on a complex of activities preventing threat to human health and life. By introducing these principles, the Company demonstrates its responsibility for production and sale of high quality and safe beverages.

The Company selects the suppliers of raw materials and controls the purchased materials very carefully, ensures the application of traditional technologies and introduces innovative improvements of such methods to guarantee the highest quality of its products. Only new bottles are used for filling beverages, no repeated use of bottles for production purposes is allowed. Water for production is obtained from artesian wells of 198 m and 189 m depth, and is further purified and processed for purposes of production. The quality of products is carefully controlled and checked in the lab throughout the stages of production.


Caring for the environment, AS Amber Latvijas balzams gives priority to environmentally friendly technologies and packaging utilized for production. AS Amber Latvijas balzams is supporting environmentally friendly solutions by constantly improving operations to minimize adverse environmental effects and by imposing strict requirements to itself and its partners.

Keeping in mind the environmental requirements and protection, AS Amber Latvijas balzams performs separated waste collection and transfer for processing, thus minimizing the volume of dumped waste. Recyclable materials (cardboard, glass, aluminium, spatters, etc.) are transferred to recycling facilities.