Economy & Market


We actively participate in the development of the local business environment.

What are our priorities?

  • We provide tax (including excise tax) income to the state budget;
  • We support initiatives that are aimed at reducing the informal economy in the spirits sector;
  • We cooperate with the national supervisory authorities;
  • We stimulate Latvian export performance by offering high quality products;
  • We support development and strengthening of responsible and sustainable business practices in Latvia.

What we do?

  • Amber Latvijas balzams control system is ISO 9001:2015 certified attesting to the compliance of the manufacturing processes with international requirements, as well as to the high quality of Amber Latvijas balzams products;
  • A self-control system has been developed, implemented and is being maintained in the Company in accordance with HACCP principles;
  • We are a member of State Revenue Service White List [Baltais saraksts] initiative attesting to the transparency of the Company’s activities;
  • Amber Latvijas balzams is represented within the largest Latvian industry and non-governmental organisations: Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, Foreign Investors Council of Latvia, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Latvian Federation of Food Enterprises, Latvian Spirits Producer and Distributor Association, Union of Spirits Producers and Distributors;
  • Amber Latvijas balzams implements fair partnership with its business partners and transparent procurement policy by setting high standards of quality for  its suppliers;
  • Amber Latvijas balzams management actively shares its experience and knowledge in the field of corporative responsibility;
  • AS Amber Latvijas balzams takes part in activities linked to investigation and combatting the illegal market. We have carried out the first study of illegal alcohol circulation in Latvia.


JSC Amber Latvijas balzams involves consumers in taking any significant decisions related to changes of taste or design of the product by carrying out quantitative and quality surveys and considering their opinions.

  • A toll-free feedback line 80009990 is in operation to receive immediate consumer response. Any consumer may express his/her opinion about the products of AS Amber Latvijas balzams. All received complaints, suggestions and reviews are addressed to the respective specialists of the Company who explore those to their essence and contact the customer, if contact details are provided, organize comparative tastings and testing.
  • All persons who file their claims will receive an answer in writing. The complaints, suggestions and reviews received over the toll-free line are summarized and the summarized data are analyzed. A report is produced at the end of the year.

Already in 2005, the Company developed, adopted and complies with the Code of Ethical Marketing Communication  which is based on responsible offering of the products of Amber Latvijas balzams on the market to consumers who have reached the legal age for consumption of alcohol set in Latvia.