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Participating in annual Shadow’s Day

Supporting Junior Achievement movement and  annual Shadow Day project Latvijas balzams was welcoming the students who are interested to find out more about different professions related to production.

Our vacances offered for shardowing were :  Customer Service Centre specialist; quality inspector and quality controller.

Viral time has introduced its corrections in this matter, so we had only one “shadow”  visiting us  this year – Vesma Kurzemniece, last year student of Jelgava Spidolas Gymnasium.   Vesma is interested in business and related topics and applied to be a shadow of Janis Odnoralis,  Customer Service Centre specialist. Vēsma has reached 18 years of age, which is one of the conditions for approving the shadow of choice.

Our Shadow had a chance to find out more  about the company, the products manufactured and follow Jānis in his daily work. 

We thank our colleagues who volunteered to be to a “shadow” and  educate young people about professions that are needed in the production!

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