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Over 130 tons of natural ingredients used in production

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JSC “Latvijas balzams’’ has used over 130 tons of various natural and herbal origin ingredients for production  in 2016 besides the wine and ethanol. The amount of natural ingredients has grown by 30%  in last two years. The largest category is natural juices that amounted into  95 tons last year.

Already a long-term cooperation has been established with local producers –  last year we purchased 4.5 tons of dried apple, 0.6 tons of honey, 6 tons of dried blueberries locally. The geopgraphy of raw materials is very broad, the most exotic ones are delivered even from Cameroon and Indonesia.

Consumers around the world are increasingly focused on the health issues. No matter how strange it may sound, consumers are looking for healthy alcoholic beverages on the shelf  as well. It has created demand for natural ingredients; people pay attention to calories, alcohol and sugar in drinks. That is why our drink recipes are based on natural juice concentrates and self made extracts of natural origin. 

Last year we have purchased over 40 tons of natural blackcurrant juice concentrate; 7.2 tons of Arabica coffee beans; 2.3 tons of ginger root; 160 kg of Linden blossom and other natural ingredients.