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Latvijas balzams: only by working together can we limit the spread of the virus

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“Admittedly, the rapid spread of Coronavirus throughout the world has affected the work of several companies in our country. Although we face a number of challenges, we do our best to ensure continuity of business and services for our clients,” said Intars Geidans, Chairman of the board at Latvijas balzams.

“Already at an early stage in the development of this situation, we have set up a crisis management team, with members from multiple departments communicating daily to provide up-to-date information to employees and to adopt new actions in their daily lives. Long before suggestions and advice from official bodies, we have restricted staff international travel and denied external visits to our manufacturing facilities and warehouses,” Geidans informed.

“With the spread of the virus in Latvia and around the world, we have made it mandatory to measure body temperature from the distance at the office of Latvijas balzams, as well as in factories and warehouses, when all employees arrive at work. There are also hand sanitizers, disposable gloves, respiratory masks and information materials on the premises. We have instructed our staff on what to do when meeting people from abroad and potential risk areas, but we have reduced these situations to a minimum or even zero,” said Intars Geidans.

Even prior to the closure of the territories of several countries, all meetings with foreign representatives were carried out outside production facilities and logistics premises or virtually, as Latvijas balzams is particularly protective of these functions to ensure business continuity. Colleagues who returned from business trips abroad and did not have any symptoms of the disease were also asked to work remotely a long time ago.

“The government makes significant and necessary restrictions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. We believe that these steps are correct and only by working together can we limit the spread of the virus,” concluded Intars Geidans, Chairman of the board at Latvijas balzams.