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Latvijas balzams will produce hand and surface sanitiser

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To deal with the lack of availability of disinfectants in the country, Latvijas balzams will begin producing a hand and surface disinfectant based on the World Health Organization’s recommended formula. The product’s name was chosen in a very logical way, combining the words “virus” and “disinfection” – “VIRUDES” in a quick response and providing the missing hygiene products on offer.

VIRUDES is alcohol-based and will be available in 4 litre volumes, which can then be transferred into smaller containers. The product’s name, VIRUDES, combines both “virus” and “disinfection”. The hand and surface sanitiser contains 70% alcohol. Although the disinfectant will contain high levels of alcohol, it cannot be used orally due to the technological aids it contains.

To find out how to buy a disinfectant, please email to

“We will do everything in our powers to make this product available as soon as possible in major retail chains. We also plan to produce enough disinfectant to supply hospitals and other institutions where the issue of hand and surface disinfection is very topical,” said Intars Geidans, the Chairman of the Management Board at Latvijas balzams.