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The production capacity of Latvijas balzams disinfectant is maximized; distributors are ready

Roku dezinfektants

Many have expressed interest in purchasing the hand and surface disinfectant Virudes manufactured by JSC Latvijas balzams: governmental institution, health institutions, food manufacturers, sanitary distributors and companies that are ensuring premises disinfection, also retail chains. Although Latvijas balzams initially planned production capacity of up to 6 tons per day, due to high demand, production capacity of Latvijas balzams was increased up to 20 tons per day. The first round is expected to produce 200 tons of the new hand and surface disinfectant Virudes.

“At the moment demand is estimated at around 130 tons. In the initial phase of disinfectant production, the demand is higher than the amount of supplies, leading to a redistribution of existing products to provide disinfectant to all – individuals, corporate and government entities,” says Pavels Filipovs, CEO of Amber Distribution Latvia.

“From March 24, the hand and surface disinfectant Virudes will be available at the Latvijas balzams veikali sales network. It will also be available for purchase on the store’s website,” Pavels Fļipovs informs. “We want to warn that not all stores will have the Virudes disinfectant available on early Tuesday morning; the availability of the disinfectant will be made available through the Latvijas balzams veikali network gradually this week, and stock will also be replenished on a regular basis,” says Filipov.

Also, at the beginning of the week, the new hand and surface disinfectant Virudes will be delivered to several retail chains, such as Rimi, Maxima and Euroaptieka. According to information provided to distributors Amber Distribution Latvia, the aforementioned retail chains will use Virudes disinfectant for internal use, thus ensuring that thousands of shoppers make their purchases in hygienically safe retail areas.

Distributors informs that the Virudes disinfectant can be purchased at shops as well as from Amber Distribution Latvia. To get in touch, please email to or call +371 67 88 04 00.