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Changes made in JSC Latvijas balzams composition of officials and charter

At the shareholders’ meeting of JSC Latvijas balzams held on July 7, changes have been made in the charter and Supervisory Council of the leading producer of alcoholic beverages in the Baltics. The number of members of the Management Board has been reduced in the charter of the company and the Management Board was approved in the new composition.

The shareholders’ meeting decided that Petr Aven, Rolands Gulbis, Velga Celmiņa and Valižans Abidovs have been appointed to the Supervisory Council of JSC Latvijas balzams for the next term of office, while Jānis Buks has been newly appointed to the Supervisory Council.

Rolands Gulbis has been appointed as the Head of the Supervisory Council, while Valižans Abidovs has been elected as the Deputy Head of the Supervisory Council. Following the basic principles of transparent business, none of the members of the Supervisory Council owns the shares of JSC Latvijas balzams. The Supervisory Council is elected for a term of five years, commencing on 7 July 2020.

Pursuant to the decision of the newly elected Supervisory Council, the Chairman of the Management Board Intars Geidāns and the Member of the Management Board Guntars Betlers have been appointed as members of the Management Board of JSC Latvijas balzams for the next term, while the member of the Management Board Sergejs Ļimarenko will not continue to work in this position.

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