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Cross Keys Gin®

Cross Keys Gin®

The exceptionally smooth flavor of Cross Keys Gin® unlocks the door to the ephemeral beauty of Baltic summer. Discover a fresh fusion of traditional juniper and rosemary flavors along with the light breeze of local charm – a blend of chamomile, linden blossoms and other region-specific herbs. The unique aroma and structure of Cross Keys Gin® are based on the symmetric interplay of four key ingredients:

Juniper: Juniper’s essential taste of wilderness is the age-old signature of traditional gin.

Chamomile: Well known for its curing and soothing properties, chamomile enriches the taste with familiar bitter notes and soothing dry nectar.

Linden Blossoms: The sweet taste of honey and warming properties of linden blossoms will recall your sweet memories of the last summer.

Rosemary: A thread of rosemary aromatic oil balances the taste, bringing together a whole variety of herbal flavors.

Website http://www.crosskeysgin.com/
  • 0.7 L
  • 0.04 L
Alcohol content 41%