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Notification on changes in the Board of JSC Latvijas balzams

Joint stock company Latvijas balzams announces that on April 9, 2020, the changes of the Board take place, Ronalds Žarinovs leaving the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Ronalds Žarinovs has been creating and managing the company’s production processes for more than 17 years as production director. Under his leadership, a number of improvement projects have been carried out at both Latvijas balzams factories, as well as large-scale investment projects have been implemented, improving several processes and the employee environment in general.

Intars Geidāns, Chairman of the Board, and Jekaterina Stuģe, Member of the Board, will continue their work in the Board. A new official is appointed to the Board – Sergejs Ļimarenko, who has been involved in the activities of JSC Latvijas balzams for more than 18 years.

None of the members of the Board owns the shares of JSC Latvijas balzams.

JSC Latvijas balzams
Chairman of the Management Board
Intars Geidāns