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Stoli® Premium vodka

Stoli® Premium Vodka was established in 1938. Stoli® is one of the very few international vodka producers that meticulously manage the manufacturing process, from farming the wheat and rye to distribution of the finished produce. It is this grain to glass craftsmanship that makes up every bottle of Stoli vodka. Alpha grade spirit is blended with artesian well water, then filtered through active birch charcoal and quartz sand to create a liquid with unsurpassed smoothness.

Stoli® traces its origins back to the dawn of the 20th Century. Since then, it has journeyed into space on board Soyuz 19, pioneered a new world of flavoured vodka in the 1970s. It was mixed in cocktails for the finest actors and the greatest Presidents. It created and defined the super-premium vodka category with Stoli®  Gold, launched in 1989 as Stoli® Cristall. Then in 2003 Stoli® created a new reference quality, ultra-luxury vodka, with the introduction of elit™ by Stoli® – the highest rated vodka in the world*. Stoli® has been manufactured for more than 65 years at the historic Latvijas Balzams distillery in Riga, Lativa and is a Product of Stoli Group with its headquarters in Luxembourg.

Stoli® is celebrated by the finest bartenders for the smooth character it brings to every drink.

*92/100 Beverage Testing Institute

Website https://stoli.com
  • 3.0 L
  • 1.75 L
  • 1.0 L
  • 0.75 L
  • 0.7 L
  • 0.5 L
  • 0.35 L
  • 0.2 L
  • 0.05 L
Alcohol content 40%