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The Court’s decision doesn’t affect the operation of Latvijas balzams; export to 180 countries continues

By dispelling rumours about a possible decline in sales of JSC Latvijas balzams products, representatives of the leading alcoholic beverage producer in the Baltic States inform about the real impact of the decision of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands on the company’s operations.

“There are several loud headlines in the press about the involvement of Latvijas balzams in legal proceedings, which are inaccurate because Latvijas balzams is not involved in them. Latvijas balzams is part of the SPI group, but these lawsuits involve other companies and it is a significant difference,” says Intars Geidans, the Chairman of the Board of JSC Latvijas balzams.

“Latvijas balzams products under the Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya trademarks have not been distributed in Benelux since 2015, so it does not in any way affect the performance and financial results of Latvijas balzams. The central export markets for these brands remain unaffected,” informs Intars Geidans.

JSC Latvijas balzams is a leading producer of alcohol beverages in the Baltics with a history steeped in tradition since 1900. The company has two production facilities in Riga – a distillery of strong alcohol beverages and sparkling wines and a light alcoholic beverages production plant. Latvijas balzams is one of Latvia’s leading exporters – its products are available in 180 countries worldwide, and the company is one of the largest taxpayers in Latvia. Since 2015, the company has been part of the Amber Beverage Group.