Application for a tour and safety rules

Tour application procedure

  1. To participate in a tour, a person must be at least 18 years of age. If the tour guide has doubts about the age of the visitor, he/she has the right to ask for his/her identity document to be presented.
  2. You can apply for a tour by filling in the application form. An Individual tour can be booked by sending an email with the desired date, time and details to
  3. Please note that a tour group is assembled from interested parties who have applied for the relevant date and time.
  4. A tour takes place if the group has at least 5 people. If the group is not complete, you will be given the opportunity to join a different tour group (we will contact you to arrange for a visit at another time).
  5. One person can take a tour by paying the ticket price for 5 persons;
  6. The paid tour invoice serves as confirmation of the tour. Both group tours and individual tours have prepayment options. Individual persons can also pay on site. The tour fee can be paid either in cash or by credit card.

Hygienic and safety rules and requirements during a tour at the Amber Latvijas balzams factory

Every visitor to JSC Amber Latvijas balzams must follow these rules:

  1. Only persons who have reached the age of 18 years may visit the premises of the company.
    The tour guide may ask a person to show a personal identification document to check the age of a tour participant.
  2. The company may only be visited by persons who do not suffer from an infectious disease or are carriers.
    If there is suspicion that a tour participant suffers from any of the infectious diseases (defined by Cabinet of Ministers rules No. 477), the tour guide may forbid participation in the tour or expel the person from it.
  3. It is forbidden to be present on company premises under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other intoxicating substances, as well as to bring these substances into the company premises or use them there..
    If there is suspicion that a tour participant is under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or other intoxicating substances, the tour guide may forbid participation in the tour or expel the person from it.
  4. It is forbidden to shout, make noise or push others on the premises of the company.
    If the aforementioned rules are violated, the tour guide may forbid participation in the tour or expel the person from it.
  5. Photography, including using a mobile phone, is only allowed at the company at designated locations, when asked by the tour guide and following the guide’s instructions.
    The tour guide may request that the photos are erased as well as forbid participation in the tour tour or expel the person from it.
  6. It is forbidden to bring animals, explosives or flammable substances into the premises of the company.
  7. It is forbidden to bring suitcases, travel bags, large backpacks and other bulky items into company premises.
    These must be left in special lockers at the tour center.
  8. One can only be present on company premises when accompanied by the tour guide and under the guide’s leadership.
  9. Movement inside company premises is allowed only while respecting the tour route. It is forbidden to leave the group and walk around the premises or to enter areas outside the tour route.
    The tour route is marked on the premises with yellow lines (movement takes place not overstepping the boundaries of these lines) and the buildings are labeled with informative guide signs with the name of each place to be visited (the tour symbol – the form of a bottle). Instructions are also given by the tour guide. 
  10. When crossing routes where vehicles move, one must be sure that a vehicle is not approaching and signals from the vehicle must be respected. It is forbidden to cross and/or be in forklift work areas.
  11. When on company premises, it is forbidden to use mobile phones (only in emergency situations) as well as to listen to audio on earphones.
  12. Smoking is forbidden on company premises.
  13. When moving around on company premises, one must wear a reflective tour vest (provided at the tour center), and near production units – a robe and head cap.
    The latter are issued by the tour guide, who says when these must be worn or taken off.
  14. When in production premises, it is forbidden to come into contact with the product (to pick up packing containers, packed bottles on the lines, etc.).
  15. In production premises where there is a warning of high noise levels, hearing protection must be used according to the instructions of the tour guide.
  16. It is forbidden to climb over or crawl through/under the equipment in production area and to approach moving (rotating, sliding) equipment and components and assemblies.
  17.  It is forbidden to touch and turn taps, press buttons, switches on the production equipment and in the production units.
  18. When going on a tour, we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes with a rubber sole to avoid slipping, or catching, on parts of  the equipment that stick out.
  19. In case of a fire or emergency, after the alarm, tour participants/guests/everyone must evacuate the danger zone immediately, following the directions of the tour guide, using the safest, closest evacuation routes and escape exits. Outside one must go to a designated safe gathering area. Every person is obliged to call the single emergency number 112.     

Visitors are required to follow these rules as well as any other instructions from the tour guide.

If the rules are not complied with, the tour guide may take specific action (warn, expel from the premises or area, seize items not in compliance with the Amber Latvijas balzams rules) or call upon the authorities (police etc.) to engage in resolving incidents.

The company assumes no liability for any incidents resulting from the violation of these terms.

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